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Tinies are the people that you control in Tiny Life. They have needs, emotions, relationships, and jobs. Tinies live in households and neighborhoods with other Tinies.


Personalities influence how your Tinies interact, and their emotions. These come in two forms: Major and Minor Personality Types.

Each Tiny has to have a set number of Major personality types, but can have any number of Minor personality types. You can unlock reward personality types during gameplay by completing Life Goals.


Each Tiny can exhibit a variety of emotions based on their interactions and personality types. Emotions affect the actions your Tinies are able to do, and certain emotions affect skill building speed and efficiency when completing certain actions. If an emotion is influencing a skill that is being used, the emotion's icon will show next to the skills in the Skills tab.

The main emotion a Tiny has is based on emotion modifiers.

Clicking on the Emotions Tab at the bottom of the screen will display your selected Tiny's emotions and modifiers.

List of Emotions

  • Fine: This Tiny isn't feeling any strong emotions
  • Bored:
  • Creative
  • Embarrassed
  • Happy
  • Flirty
  • Uncomfortable

For a full list of emotions, check the API Documentation.

Emotion Modifiers

Emotion Modifiers are based on the recent Actions that a Tiny has completed, which give a boost to certain emotions. Emotion Modifiers last for varying lengths of time.


Tinies are very social! Interacting with other Tinies will change your relationship with them. Clicking on another Tiny will bring up a set of interactions, where you can select from different types of social interactions. Social interactions can also affect your Charisma and Humor Skills

Friendly socials will increase your Tiny's relationship with other Tinies, and you can become friends.

Mean socials will decrease your Tiny's relationship with other Tinies, and you can become enemies.

Flirty socials can increase your Tiny's relationship with other Tinies, and unlock more flirty options, and allow your Tiny to Date other Tinies.

Funny socials allow your Tiny to tell jokes and increase their Humor skill. Sometimes Tinies tell bad jokes, and they might get embarrassed.