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This page collects all the information you need when contributing to the wiki. Before making your first contribution, please read the entire page thoroughly to avoid any issues or rollbacks.

How to Contribute

If you want to contribute to this wiki, you can go right ahead and create an account.

To communicate with your fellow wiki editors beyond the wiki's Discussion pages, we also recommend joining the Tiny Life Discord and selecting the Tiny Life Wiki or Docs Editor role from the Channels & Roles section. Doing so will give you access to a special channel that you can ask questions and share information in.

A good way to get started is checking out the list of stubs, as well as the list of wanted pages.

Contribution Guidelines

If you're interested in editing the Tiny Life Wiki, it is greatly appreciated!

For how to use MediaWiki to edit, see the Formatting help page.

Here are some basic guidelines that you should stick to when editing the wiki:

  • As with all official Tiny Life content, the wiki should abide by the Tiny Life Content and Community Policy.
  • Tiny Life is an inclusive game, for all genders, sexualities, and identities. Please keep language and terms inclusive, and please try to keep gender-specific language to a minimum.
  • Tiny Life should be suitable for as many audiences as possible, so please avoid using explicit terms and stick to innuendo when it comes to fooling around and the like.
  • The game is called "Tiny Life", not "TinyLife", "Tinylife" or "Tiny life". Please try to keep this consistent.
  • The proper noun for a person in the game is "a Tiny", with the English plural being "Tinies". As such, they should also be capitalized.
  • The wiki uses American English, as the game itself does. Localized wiki pages are planned, but collectively focusing on one language makes more sense at this stage.
  • Headings on the wiki use title case, as headings and action names in the game itself do. Generally, short and less important words like a, an, the, and to should not be capitalized.
  • Headings should maintain correct order, starting with level 2 (like == My Heading ==) and continuing down the list.
  • All sentences should generally end with a period. Try to avoid using exclamation marks, as it breaks the objective style that a wiki should have.
  • If you edit a page or a section, please leave a simple note describing what you changed to keep the changelogs helpful.
  • In general, referring back to the API Documentation can be helpful for finding the internal names of things, as well as lists of features and objects.
  • When creating a new page, please keep the following in mind:
    • You should always start by transcluding the stub template by writing {{Stub}}, unless you plan on including a large amount of information straight away.
    • You should transclude an appropriate navbox (like {{NavboxBuildTools}}) at the bottom of the page, if applicable.
    • You should include the page in the appropriate categories (like [[Category:Build Tools]]).