Reward Personalities

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Reward Personalities is those Personalities that unavailable in create tiny, and can receive when complete Life Goal, per Tiny age can got a specific Reward Personalities

Age Life Goal Reward Personality Description Abilities
Baby ReadBaby Well-Read Baby This Tiny was very well-read when they were a baby, and as such, their reading ability is a lot more advanced now that they've grown up. This means that they'll gain skills much faster when reading skill books.
Adult MasterChef Master Chef A master chef is a total pro in the kitchen! They will never create a meal that isn't a masterpiece All food create always is Masterpiece
Millionaire Filthy Rich A Tiny who is filthy rich has truly seen it all - in terms of money, anyway. This means that they've also seen a lot of different people and really know how to get closer to them: Money. Is it amoral to bribe people for friendship? When interact with stranger there option that "Bribe for Friendship" that help tiny can exchange some money for friendship
PerfectPainter Perfect Painter This Tiny has truly mastered the art of painting, and knows all the tricks to create a masterpiece every single time. Hanging paintings they created on the wall will cause other Tinies in the room to start feeling creative as well. When own this personality, tiny can create many masterpiece Art, if place the art in the room the tiny in the room will got Painter Aura, things can help tiny have Creative, also if view the art tiny can got creative too